We are the biggest Market Operator in Poland with 20 years of experience. InfoEngine is a group of specialists, who have provided Market Operator services since 2001. We handle over 40 entities active on the Polish and international energy markets and their number is constantly rising. Among our clients there are trade companies, energy – intensive industrial receivers, energy producers, distribution system operators as well as foreign investment banks.

The Market Operator service consists of:

  • performance of Market Operator service as Technical Trade Operator (OHT)
  • performance of Market Operator service as Measurement Operator (OP)
  • performance of the Entity responsible for Trade Balancing function (POB)

Technical Trade Operator service

The function of a Technical Trade Operator (OHT) is disposition of Scheduling Units of Balancing Market Participants (URB), meaning transmission of information about concluded Sale/purchase of Electrical Energy Agreements (ZUSE, ZUSEB), Cross – border Trade Schedules (ZGWM, ZGWMB), /Notification of Balancing Offer – Trade (ZOBH), as well as data from Physical Measurement Points (DGPP) or Measurement data for Energy Intake Points (DPDSR) to the Transmission System Operator via a specialised system WIRE/ZOHEE.

Entity Responsible for Trade Balancing

The function of an Entity Responsible for Trade Balancing (POBH) is transmitting for realisation Sale/purchase of Electrical Energy Agreements onto scheduling units of Market Participant performing the role of POBH, and settling imbalances, that is differences in effective consumption or production of electrical energy and trade schedules sent to TSO. An entity, who has a signed agreement with a POBH does not need an agreement with the Transmission System Operator to actively participate in the electrical energy market.

What makes us unique ?

Why entrusting InfoEngine S.A. with Market Operator assignments is Your best choice?

  • Dependability guarantee of TSO connections– dual connection, access via public Internet, WIRE and zOHee servers located in a specialised data processing centre.
  • Technical Trade Operator with insurance– unlike other OHT offers and the so called cloud WIRE, InfoEngine as OHT, takes over the responsibility of transmitting nominations to the TSO correctly, as well as the risk resulting from incorrect nominations or lack of thereof. We are insured in case of any malfunctions, incorrect submission of nominations or lack of thereof.
  • zOHee – dedicated application for transmission of trade information between URB and OSP.
  • Perfectly prepared and qualified team of operators allows for quick resolution of any problems the clients can face (experience gained since 2001).
  • We do not conduct speculative trade – in accordance with our strategy, we do not conclude active positions on the energy market. We guarantee confidentiality of client information.

Who can become our client?

OH service clients

Our client can become every Balancing Market Participant (URB), who has a signed Transmission Agreement with the Transmission System Operator (OSP), as well as entities which are planning to enter the energy market. Cooperation is based upon a standard agreement, which describes all relations between URB and OH. After conclusion of the agreement the client receives a declaration of Authorisation of Market Operator, which he then submits to TSO.

POB service clients

The service is targeted at Entities, which do not have a signed Transmission Agreement with the Transmission System Operator (TSO). Cooperation is based upon a dedicated, personalised agreement which describes all relations between the client and POB. The agreement regulates among others, estimated trade volume of electrical energy, imbalance level and financial collaterals.

zOHee System

zOHee is an innovative IT system enabling complete exchange of trade information between Market Operator (OH) and Balancing Market Participant (URB) 24/7. The system maximally simplifies nominations and performs validation of their correctness while importing data into the application, it informs the user on the fly about the status of nomination execution. The system guarantees highest security and correctness of nomination execution. What is more, introduction of received documents inbox allows participants access to all documents received from TSO – full access to data published by TSO.

Main advantages of zOHee:

  • 24/7 service,
  • easy to use
  • use of MS Excel templates,
  • ability to send documents well in advance,
  • multistage correctness control of nominations,
  • on-line information about actual nomination status,
  • online access to reports received from TSO (incl. USE group, GWM group, reports such as RD, RH, RHER  e.t.c.)