InfoEngine S.A. is a subsidiary of the Polish Power Exchange, which in turn is a part of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Capital Group. The company started in 2001 as a part of Elbis Sp. z o.o. which was a part of PGE S.A. (Polish Energy Group). Due to restructuring and proprietary processes, the company was bought by the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where it took care of market operator services and conducted an electronical energy market, in the scope of the Internet Energy Trading Platform – „poee”. Due to legislative changes and consolidation of the energy market, the company concentrated its business on the provision of market operator services, that is services such as Technical Market Operator and Entity Responsible for Trade Balancing. The company is registered in Warsaw Książęca 4 but its effective seat is in Bełchatów.


Dariusz Katulski – President of the Management Board.

Supervisory Board:

Piotr Listwoń – President of the Supervisory Board,
Grzegorz Żarski – Vice president of the Supervisory Board
Renata Wanat – Member of the Supervisory Board
Michał Kobza – Member of the Supervisory Board


100% of InfoEngine S.A. shares are held by the Polish Powe Exchange

Communication with shareholders

Summoning a shareholder to submit share documents.

InfoEngine S.A. („Company”) hereby informs that on 28.09.2020 it has summoned its shareholder the Polish Power Exchange to submit, in the seat of the Company, share documents for their dematerialisation.

Share capital
1. Share capital of the company is 9.045.000 PLN (nine million forty five thousand zloty).
2. Share capital of the Company is divided into:

1) 500 (five hundred) series A registered shares, of 1000 (one thousand zlotys) PLN nominal value each,
2) 220 (two hundred twenty) series B registered shares, of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each,
3) 200 (two hundred) series C registered shares of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each,
4) 525 (five hundred twenty five) series D registered shares of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each,
5) 2.000 (two thousand) series E registered shares of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each,
6) 1.000 (one thousand) series F registered shares of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each,
7) 1.000 (one thousand) series G registered shares of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each,
8) 600 (six hundred) series H registered shares of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each,
9) 2.250 (two thousand two hundred and twenty five) series I registered shares of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each,
10) 750 (seven hundred fifty) regular series J registered shares of 1000 PLN (one thousand zlotys) nominal value each.


General Assemblies:

General Assemblies of InfoEngine are conducted in accordance with provisions of Code of Commercial Companies as well as the Company Statute.


Company Statute link – attachment in PDF

Information on the processing of personal data of shareholders and proxies of InfoEngine S.A. shareholders

Based on Article. 13 and 14 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free transfer of such data; and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC, hereinafter referred to as ” Regulation “, we inform that:

I. Personal data administrator

InfoEngine S.A. (InfoEngine) with its seat in Warsaw Książęca 4; 00-498, is a personal data administrator for its shareholders and shareholder proxies. tel. +48 44 635 59 49, biuro@infoengine.pl.

II. Data protection inspector
The Administrator has appointed a Data Protection Inspector, who can be contacted via e-mail at iodgkgpw@gpw.pl.


III. Purposes of data processing and legal grounds for processing

Data of shareholders and shareholder proxies shall be processed in order to organise General Assemblies and facilitation of execution of voting rights and other rights resulting from InfoEngine shareholder status, by authorised personnel, including verification of rights to participate in the General Assembly.

Data processing is necessary for the realization of legal obligations incumbent on the data Administrator, resulting from the provisions of Code of Commercial Companies – paragraph. 6 point. 1 letter. c.

Moreover, personal data shall be processed by InfoEngine on the basis of paragraph 6 point 1, letter f of RODO i.e. in order to realise justified interest of InfoEngine, pertaining to the possibility of determination or realisation of claims, as well as defence against such claims.

IV. Categories of personal data
InfoEngine  processes the following data of shareholders or shareholder proxies: identification data, especially data appearing on legal authorisations, address data, contact data.
V. Data receivers
Data receivers:

– entities processing personal data on behalf of InfoEngine in relations to IT services provided for InfoEngine.

– DM BOŚ conducting shareholder registry for InfoEngine.
VII. Data storage period

Data shall be processed for a period necessary for realisation of targets for which they were accumulated, in accordance with including legal regulations including the Code of Commercial Companies. In case any resolution of the General Assembly is contested, data shall be stored until a resolution has been reached.

VII. Rights of data subjects

Shareholders and proxies of shareholders pertain the right to access their own personal data, its edition, deletion, processing restriction, the right to issue an objection against processing and the right to issue a legal claim against processing to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

VIII. Data source

Personal data can be acquired by principal if authorised or when referring to an InfoEngine shareholder proxy.

IX. Information on the requirement to provide data

Provision of data is necessary in order to participate in the InfoEngine General Assembly and the execution of shareholder rights in accordance with legal acts mentioned above.