InfoEngine OR

We are the biggest Trade Operator(OH) in Poland with over ten years of experience.

We provide services
for over 25 entities active on the polish and international energy markets, and the number is constantly
rising. Among our clients there are trade companies, industrial consumers, energy producers and foreign
investment banks.


The Trade Operator service is divided into:

  • the provision of the Trade Operator function (OH) on the energy market,
  • the provision of the Measurement Operator function (OP) on the energy market,
  • the provision of the Subject Organizing Trade Balancing function (POB) on the energy market.

The function of a Trade Operator is management of Balancing Market Participants (URB) Scheduling Units,
by transmitting information regarding concluded sales/purchase agreements (ZUSE), data from physical
measurement points (DGPP) and Cross Border Trade schedules (ZGWM) to the TSO, through a specialized
communication system – WIRE. The realization of the POB function consists of submitting for realization
of energy sales/purchase agreements by a Balancing Market participant on his own scheduling units, and
to settle unbalance, that is differences between the real usage or the production of electrical energy, and
the trade schedules notified to the TSO.

An Entity who has a signed POBH does not have to have an agreement with the TSO, to actively
participate in the electrical energy market.