Who can become our client

Market Operator Service Clients

Any Balancing Market Participant (URB), who has a signed agreement with the TSO for the provision of transmission services, can become our client, as well as entities planning to enter the market. Our cooperation is based upon a standard agreement, which includes all relations between URB and OH. After concluding the agreement You only need to lodge a Declaration concerning the authorization of Market Operator to the TSO to authorize InfoEngine SA as your market operator.

POB Service Clients

This service is targeted at industrial consumers and energy producers, who do not have a signed transmission agreement with the TSO. Our cooperation is based upon a standard agreement, which includes all relations between the client and POBH. After signing the agreement the energy market participant can transfer to POB any energy sale/purchase agreements to be notified to the TSO for realization. Every month POB issues an invoice for the service and real unbalanced energy.