Why we are different

Why is it worth to entrust InfoEngine SA with the tasks of a Trade Operator?


  • Guaranteed reliable connection to the TSO – a double data link, auxiliary access through public WIRE and zOHee servers placed in a specialized data processing center.
  • Trade Operator with insurance – we take responsibility for correct submission of notifications to the TSO, including the risk of mistakes resulting from mistakes or lack of notification, we have an insurance policy in case of malfunctions, or lack of or improper submission of notifications.
  • zOHee – a dedicated application to submit and receive trade information between URB and OH
  • Perfectly prepared and qualified team of operators – enables quick problem solving if any occur(experience gained from 2001).
  • We do not conduct speculative trade – according to our policy we do not enter into contracts on themarket. We guarantee confidentiality of information acquired from our clients.